Nicholas Barron is a polymath. Someone gifted at more than one discipline. He’s both an accomplished Chicago based Musician(singer songwriter guitarist) and Visual artist. 

His father William Barron was a Sculptor and Painter. Nicholas grew up surrounded by his fathers work which of course has informed who he is as a visual artist. 

Nicholas has always been a master doodler/drawer. 

Art was always there but secondary for him until 2008 when he went through a traumatic break up and started to transfer his doodles onto large canvases and rustic windows. 

In the beginning he both drew with Sharpies and markers on canvas and various surfaces literally “drawing on everything” and then added Colorful Sennelier Oil pastels to canvas which are like giant glorified crayons. 

Since then Nicholas has been a prolific visual artist as much as musician but now makes his living completely from his paintings after the pandemic took away his livelihood in Music. 

He now works with Mixed media and has evolved into an Acrylic Painter and let go of the unorthodox pastels. 

He has painted over 125  paintings since the beginning of quarantine 2020-painting a record of the events in real time with his abstract doodle design style and love of words and language-he calls them Pandemic Abstract Graffitti paintings. 

Nicholas is always experimenting and learning experientially having not gone to Art school. 

During Pandemic Nicholas started 2 profound INTEGRACIOUS collaborations with Makeba Kedem Dubose (Barrkeba) and his long time BFF Peven Everett (Barroneverett arts Collab) who is also a Polymath having hits with the award winning British band Gorillaz. Nicholas is now in many collections and has a growing number of patrons